Game Game Cinderella: Great Memory online


Game Game Cinderella: Great Memory online.

Today you will find a wonderful game, where the main role will be Princess Cinderella herself. All of you must have heard the story of a poor girl who, in her youth, served her stepmother and her daughters. But justice soon triumphed and Cinderella met the prince, who later became her husband. Today, Cinderella came up with one very funny game for you, where you can check and find out if you have a good mash. Your task will be to find similar pictures. It will be very simple to do this, because before you will lie pictures, only all of them will be inverted. You need to take turns clicking on the picture, look at it carefully and remember, then open the next ones and look for the same picture. In total, you need to find all the pictures in pairs in order to complete the Cinderella mission and show the girl how great you are to mash.

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