Game Help Cinderella Back Home online


Game Help Cinderella Back Home online.

In today's game, your task will be to help Cinderella get home. Everything would be fine if Cinderella had not forgotten that she needed to return home at midnight. If Cinderella doesn’t do this, the sorceress’s spell will be dispelled and Cinderella will become an ordinary servant, and not a beautiful princess like now. Most of all, Cinderella is worried that the prince will see who she really is and will not want to know her anymore. So now all hope is only on you and your ability to control the carriage very quickly. But that's not all, when Cinderella ran away the prince ordered to set traps on the road so that the girl could not escape. Therefore, you need to be very careful and go around all the obstacles. Also on your way you can collect extra time and crystal shoes that Cinderella loses all the time.

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