Game Modern Cinderella: Makeup online


Game Modern Cinderella: Makeup online.

Everyone knows the story of a girl named Cinderella. This girl after the death of her mother fell into the power of her stepmother, who mocked her, forced to do all the dirty work. But this is already a well-known and forgotten story. As it turned out in our time, there is also a modern Cinderella. The same story happened in the girl as with the Cinderella of those times. And in the city where our Cinderella lives, there will be a grand party with the family, in honor of the arrival of a very popular singer, from whom Cinderella is just crazy. But her stepmother is against the idea that the girl would go to the party and load her with work, and she also took all the cosmetics. In the game you will become a good fairy who will help Cinderella to get to a party with her beloved performer. For makeup, you will have everything you need, you will only need to follow the prompts. You will also need to choose a beautiful dress and shoes for our modern Cinderella.

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