Game Cinderella: Princess Dress Design online


Game Cinderella: Princess Dress Design online.

Most of all, Cinderella wants to get to the ball. But unfortunately in her position this is impossible. Cinderella's stepmother and her daughters constantly load the girl with work so that she does not have a single free minute. But today, Cinderella has the opportunity to get to the ball, where the prince himself will be present. That's just to go to the ball you need to dress accordingly. In the game you have to help Cinderella and create an unusual and beautiful pay design for her in which she can go to the ball. Here is a mannequin on which you can create your ideas about the dress. When the sketch of the dress is ready, Cinderella will sew it on a typewriter. and after a while Cinderella in the most beautiful ball gown. Complete the image of the girl with makeup and accessories. Good luck!

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