Game Game First Cinderella Date online


Game Game First Cinderella Date online.

Today is Cinderella’s very important day. In the evening, she will have her first date with a prince, whom she really likes. Cinderella is very worried, because this is the first time, she will go on a date with a guy. You must help Cinderella become more confident. Beautiful makeup, romantic outfit and beautiful manicure will help you with this. So that you share everything stylishly, everything you need to create an image is already selected. To make a manicure, you need to choose a varnish and make up beautiful Cinderella's nails. After you will have a more difficult task - choose an outfit for a date. In order to dress Cinderella with taste, you will have a scale that will go up if you wear only the necessary outfits and accessories for Cinderella. Try to choose everything so that the scale is completely filled, then Cinderella will be sure that she is dressed stylishly for her first date. Good luck!

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