Game Game Spider-Man: Zodiac Attack online


Game Game Spider-Man: Zodiac Attack online.

In this game you will control a famous Spider-Man hero. This time he got to the secret base, where his sworn enemy - the Zodiac - is hiding. With the help of a mutagen, he created a whole army of his own creatures and now you must stop them. Wander around the territory of the base, climb walls, shoot cobwebs at enemies and kick them with your foot. To get to the zodiac you have to go a long way, which consists of four levels. If Spider-Man manages to pass them, he will be able to go to the levels in which you need to defeat the Zodiac - this is where the real battles will begin. During the game, you can collect the signs of Spider-Man, which will add bonus points to your account. Do not forget to monitor the supply of life, because it is not infinite.

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