Game Game Green Goblin Attack online


Game Game Green Goblin Attack online.

The Green Goblin is at large and New Yorkers can only wait for the moment when he begins his attack. You play as Spider-Man, who must take the blow of an evil monster on himself. The goblin has prepared a bunch of bombs, which he is going to drop on the city in order to produce maximum destruction. The spiderman must distract the enemy and take a hit on himself. So, you will be on the sets of two skyscrapers, and Green Holblin will drop bombs right in front of you. Each place where the bomb should fall will be marked with a green circle. This means it's time to move so as not to get on the bomb. Move from one place to another, elude all the falling bombs and try to last 2 minutes. With every moment, the Goblin will throw bombs faster, but Spider-Man is a clever hero and with your help, he will be able to cope and defend the city. Good luck

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