Game Game Spider-Man 3: Photo Hunt online


Game Game Spider-Man 3: Photo Hunt online.

You play the role of photographer Peter Parker, who must take good pictures of Spider-Man in action. If you manage to make unique and cool photos, your boss will approve them and pay well, and if not, he will fire you from work. So, at the beginning of the game you need to enter your name. Next, you need to follow the news about Spider-Man. As soon as he is seen in one of the parts of the city, rush there immediately and start taking photos. At each stage, you will have the opportunity to take only 5 photos, which should be the brightest and most spectacular. Point the camera lens at a moving spider-man and capture it. You can also remove villains, such as: sandman or Venom. Photos of villains will also be interesting to your boss. At the end of the game, you need to sort all the pictures taken and choose one of them - the best one that you will show to the boss. If the photo is approved, it will be published in all the news. Have a nice hunt for the elusive, kind and funny spider-man!

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