Game Game Spider-Man 3 online


Game Game Spider-Man 3 online.

The game "Spider-Man 3: The Battle With Himself" was created according to the plot of the film "Enemy in Reflection". The brave spider-man advocates for the protection of civilians and even the whole city. He has to go through many serious tests and this is cool! Your task is to help the spiderman fight against Venom, the Goblin and other opponents. The game plot is completely attached to the film, which means that - you will control only some of the actions of Spider-Man. Help him dodge attacks, shoot cobwebs and strike enemies. After each level passed and before it, different videos will be shown to you, of which the entire plot of the film consists. If you pass the first stage of the game, you can watch a video with your game, or continue to play. Complete the battle with each of the villains and complete the game!

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