Game Game Spider-Man: Pursuit of Mysterio online


Game Game Spider-Man: Pursuit of Mysterio online.

The Marvel Universe has given us many strong and powerful superheroes. But the most beloved hero of many generations was and will be the brave Spider-Man. Peter Parker, while still a schoolboy, took on the burden of a superhero and coped with it perfectly for many years. In the game "Spider-Man: Pursuit of Mysterio", you can try on the role of a great hero and save the city. The villain Misterio attacked New York and complete chaos reigned in the city. All people are in a panic and everyone is afraid for their lives. To bring peace and tranquility to the homes of citizens, Spider-Man enters the fight against Mysterio. You will fly around the city using the web. When flying from one skyscraper to another, you need to complete the missions that will be indicated at the beginning of each round. Also, along the way, destroy the robotic bees and flying skulls, and collect the golden beetles. They are needed to upgrade the characteristics of Spider-Man and game bonuses. You can increase the speed of the hero, strengthen acrobatic stunts, increase the number of coins on the location, and also buy a shield from the web and a flying drone. This will help you in the fight against the ruthless villain. Great things await you ahead! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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