Game Game Shaun the Sheep: New Town online


Game Game Shaun the Sheep: New Town online.

Help Shaun the lamb to build a cozy new town for homeless animals. After all, these poor fellows have nowhere to live and they suffer from hunger and bad weather. Your buildings will help provide your tailed townspeople with everything you need: processing and reusing all kinds of resources, growing food, generating energy, providing transportation and improving nature in your own sustainable town. To do this, you will go to a local landfill to find various materials for eco-construction there. You can collect everything you need there, and then start building. Remember that you will have ten whole days for the construction site until the farmer has gone on business and he is not on the farm. You have to do a very noble cause. Do not let your new friends down and help them find their corner in this world. Have a good game!

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