Game Adventure of the Canopy and Oscar Game online


Game Adventure of the Canopy and Oscar Game online.

Meet the magic cat Oscar and his best friend named Senya. Oscar used to be in a detachment of percussion kittens, but after a while the heroic kittens parted ways. Oscar accidentally met with a funny guy Senya and they quickly became friends. Now they are a team! These guys are ready for the craziest and most dangerous adventures. There is no place for fear and regret in their hearts. They are ready for anything to feel adrenaline again and defeat all the villains and robbers. In the game "The Adventures of Canopy and Oscar", you will go on a crazy journey with your friends. In the forest, which borders the kingdom, harmful bandits appeared. They haunt the locals who go to the forest for brushwood, berries and mushrooms. Hares robbers, animated snowmen and other terrible creatures terrify all inhabitants of the kingdom. The king ordered his valiant warriors Seine and Oscar to go into the forest and deal with the villains. Together with a brave knight and a cat wizard, you will fight with the adversaries. After each match you will be given a cash reward. Gold can be spent on new weapons and ammunition for the brave knight: forged swords, protective clothing, shields, hats and shoes. The Oscar's arsenal also has several powerful spells in store, and you can use each of them as soon as the Oscar reaches a certain level. You can sell items that are out of date and buy upgraded items. As you progress through the game, you can use the forge to forge new items. Great feats await their heroes!

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