Game Kingdom Kitta game online


Game Kingdom Kitta game online.

Until today, the Kingdom of Cats has flourished. Everyone lived peacefully, no one fought, everyone tried to help each other. But one day, the kingdom was attacked by a huge clan of evil dogs who decided to seize the cat kingdom. Panic started in the town, everyone started running to where to escape from ruthless dogs. But a cute cat named Kitt appeared in a friend. He alone occupied the main tower and decided to protect his people from uninvited guests. In the game "Kingdom of Kitta" you will be the personal assistant of a brave kitten who will independently conquer his city. To do this, you will have to defend the kingdom and shoot all the dogs that will approach you. Try not to let the dogs get close to the tower, otherwise they will destroy it. For each killed dog, you will receive coins, cartridges and first-aid kits. To take them, Kitt needs to go down from the tower and collect all the supplies. For the accumulated money, you can buy yourself weapons, mercenaries that will help you fight and other improvements. Just do not forget that everything you bought, you need to improve over time in order to defeat the enemy dogs. Good luck

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