Game Game Shock Squad Kittens 1 online


Game Game Shock Squad Kittens 1 online.

Once, several foxes abducted a princess - a cat, and the king of cats immediately took up her rescue. He found four volunteers. These were brave kittens who willingly took up the execution of the king's order. They are serious and confident that they can rescue the princess from the clutches of vile foxes. So, in the game "Shock Detachment Kittens 1" - you will be in the role of commander in chief, who will control the shock detachment of kittens. Your task is to wade deep into enemy territories, engage in battle with many foxes, avoid different obstacles and collect fish. The more fish you collect, the sooner the kittens will get a new level and you will be able to improve their health, attack and speed characteristics. Each of the kitten squad is a unique fighter and has its own abilities, especially if in addition it has good clothes and weapons. Fighting enemies you will receive new items and weapons. Over time, you will be able to dress kittens in special costumes that give bonuses of protection, healing, speed, and more. The game has only 4 locations and at the end of each of them, our feline squad expects a huge boss, one of the fox generals. The last boss is guarded by dozens of soldiers, but your kittens will be able to cope with these evil monsters, unless of course you do everything right. Play, earn level upgrades, improve the characteristics of your kittens and soon, your squad will become invincible!

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