Game Game Shock Squad Kittens 2 online


Game Game Shock Squad Kittens 2 online.

After a squad of four kittens freed the princess from captivity, the foxes got very angry. Together with the commander in chief of large foxes, they invaded the territory of cats and are trying to capture from the castle. The king of cats was angry and sent the already famous four best warriors of his kingdom to a special operation. In the game "Shock Detachment Kittens 2" - you will need to help kittens capture the fortress of foxes. Your squad sailed to the shore of the foxes in a submarine and landed on the ground. It is from here that the adventures of the shock squad of kittens begin. The game consists of 20 levels. Passing each level, your squad will move forward, constantly approaching the fortress of foxes. With each level, the enemies will become stronger, but that's not all. In addition to a simple guard, big bosses will meet on the way of the kittens, which will be very difficult to kill. The meaning of the game remains the same. You control a squad of 4 kittens that are constantly running forward. There may be various obstacles, traps and evil foxes on their way. Killing enemies you get prey - artifacts and clothes. Individual items are parts of costumes. Wearing a full suit on one of the kittens - the entire squad gets some sort of bonus, such as breaking locks, double attack, destroying obstacles and more. You can wear not only costumes selected from foxes, but also create your own, like the popular costumes of Batman or Darth Vader! During the passage of levels, you also collect the fish that kittens from your shock squad love so much. In their free time, they can visit the gym, where you can train hard. Strength, speed and endurance are the three main characteristics of your fighting kittens. For each workout you have to pay with collected fish, but it is impossible in another way. The decisive moment is the characteristics of your kittens, the equipment dressed on them and, of course, weapons. Go through the levels, open chests, kill bosses and help kittens capture the fortress of foxes. Good luck

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