Game Game Run Panda Run online


Game Game Run Panda Run online.

A fun game called Run Panda Run. Here, you have to help the brave panda run constantly forward, through the mountains and the forest. The main thing is not to fall down and not stumble on thorns, otherwise you will lose your life. Along the way, you need to collect coins, they will add points to your account. The game consists of 20 different levels, each of which has different difficult places. Your panda constantly runs forward, and you must click on the mouse in time for it to jump. In addition to just a jump, you can also do a double jump to jump onto high mountains or poles. Remember, you have only one life, having spent that, the level will have to start all over again. Manage this panda and show what you are capable of. Run farther and farther without stopping at anything. Good luck

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