Game Game 3 Pandas in Fantasy online


Game Game 3 Pandas in Fantasy online.

The adventures of famous panda heroes continue in the amusement park, where they decided to have fun. They rode on a roller coaster, jumped on a trampoline and so on, when they suddenly saw a house with the inscription "Fantasy". Of course, 3 pandas decided to go there right away, because it’s interesting to see what's inside. Our black and white heroes are always drawn to adventures, and this time it was not without them. 3 Pandas fell into the world of real fantasy, where there is a lot of magic, gnomes, fairies and even a wizard. When playing the game, you must help the pandas scout the whole area, roam the fantasy world and try to get out of it. To do this, you need to go through level after level, solve simple tasks, activate mechanisms, climb up stairs and more. In the fantasy world there are not only good creatures but also evil ones. On its way, 3 pandas will meet good gnomes, good fairies, evil green monsters and even a dragon. Having freed the big red dragon from captivity, they will be able to defeat the green monsters and get out of the fantasy world. Of course, they cannot cope without the help of the good wizard and you! Play a game with 3 pandas and enjoy amazing levels of the game and turn of events. Good luck

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