Game Lego Chima Game: Wolf Attack online


Game Lego Chima Game: Wolf Attack online.

The head of the crocodile clan Kragger inflicted an insult to Wack. Reckoning is coming, for wolves never leave resentment and injustice without punishment. Wackz, as the leader of the wolf clan, orders his main warrior, Vorritz, to deal with Kragger. And now Vorritz hurries to the land of crocodiles to make retribution. Kragger spies report to the ringleader about the attack and he asks for help from the eagle clan. In the game "Lego Chima: Assault of the Wolves", you will be behind the wheel of a deadly car. Yeah, you won’t envy the enemies. You will confront the soldiers of the clans of crocodiles and eagles, but you are not afraid. Shoot enemies and do not leave them without a portion of your shells. After each level completed, your combat vehicle will be upgraded with a new part. That is, your car will receive more and more powerful weapons. Have a good game!

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