Game Lego Chima Game: Death Manor online


Game Lego Chima Game: Death Manor online.

everyone knows that lions are one of the most powerful and rebellious animals. They are true children of nature. But very quickly these children show their sharp teeth when it comes to their property. They are ready to destroy anyone who encroaches on something sacred to them. Be it land, close or clan in general. So a misfortune happened in the clan of lions. King Lagravis was abducted. His son Laval immediately set off in search of his father. As it turned out, the heads of the clans of crocodiles and ravens united and kidnapped Lagravis. Leo was imprisoned in the estate of Death. This is the monastery of the head of the crocodile clan - Kragger. In the game "Lego Chima: Death Estate" you will play the young prince Laval. But be careful, because the "well-wishers" have prepared many traps for you. Beware of sharp rapiers and spears protruding from stone walls and floors. Also, crows and crocodiles will be waiting for you. Destroy them with your deadly sword and free your father. Have a good game!

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