Game Lego Game: King's Castle online


Game Lego Game: King's Castle online.

Changes are coming in the kingdom, and the White Knight urgently needs to get to the king to convey to him news of special importance. The White Knight is the king’s best friend and right hand. They have been friends since childhood and even played various games together. Also, the White Knight helped the king train young knights to defend the castle and the whole kingdom. In the game "Lego: Castle of the King" you will be in the saddle of a beautiful royal thoroughbred horse. But your journey to the castle will be overshadowed by the attack of Dragon servants. You will need to avoid and jump them all the way. But it will not be so difficult to know the enemy. After all, the Dragon knights consider themselves noble and cruel hooligans, although this is far from the case. In fact, these are lazy and useless pests. They are annoying, like flies and cause a lot of minor inconvenience when traveling. Have a good trip!

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