Game Game Lego Marvel: Thor online


Game Game Lego Marvel: Thor online.

Thor is the god of thunder and the son of the main Scandinavian god Odin. He is very arrogant and proud. Once he suffered for his arrogance and paid a very high price. Ignoring the father’s ban, he commits a rash act and becomes the victim of a cunning half-brother - the god Loki. But Loki does not go unpunished. One of them sends them both to the earth from their native places and takes his weapon from Thor, while saying that only the worthy can take up arms. And Thor’s weapon is Mjolnir’s hammer. These are weapons of tremendous strength and power. Thor manages to return the hammer. Enraged by this turn of events, Loki begins to create atrocities on Earth. In the game "Lego Marvel: Thor" you have to prevent the destruction of the Earth. You need to destroy all the minions of Loki. They will be everywhere - on earth and in the air. Therefore, be on the alert. At the end of the journey, a battle with Loki awaits you. Have a good game!

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