Game Lego Superheroes: Superman online


Game Lego Superheroes: Superman online.

Clark Kent is the adopted child of the Martha and Jonathan Kent family of farmers. From early childhood, Clark already possessed the strength and power unusual for his peers. But at the same time, he was a sweet and obedient child. But one day, Clark finds out that he is a technique. In fact, he is a child of a completely different planet. Clark was born on the planet Krypton and a few minutes before the death of the planet was transported to Earth. And so the well-known hero Superman appeared. The hero always respected all the rules of law and justice. His main mission was to protect the innocent. In the game "Lego Superheroes: Superman" you will help the superhero eliminate all the enemies who captured the city. You need to avoid obstacles and collect bonuses. If you don’t have time to maneuver, you can use the death ray from Superman’s eyes. Have a good game!

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