Game Game Lego Marvel: Hulk online


Game Game Lego Marvel: Hulk online.

Bruce Banner is a very talented and promising scientist. But all gifted people sometimes make fatal mistakes, and Banner was no exception. During the next experiment, he receives a huge dose of gamma rays, but does not die. Bruce turns into a huge monster named Hulk. The Hulk is a huge monster, destroying everything in its path, indiscriminately, with stone fists. No weapons and no bullets take him. But this condition does not remain forever. Bruce notices that he turns into a Hulk only when his pulse increases and he is extremely annoyed or angry. But the trouble is that in this state, Bruce completely absorbs the Hulk. In such cases, Banner loses his mind and mind until he calms down again. In the game "Lego Marvel: Hulk", you will help Banner in the body of the Hulk. You need to run through the entire cities to destroy all the enemies who have captured the city territory. But beware of the abyss and jump over them. Have a good game!

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