Game Game Lego Movie: Escape online


Game Game Lego Movie: Escape online.

Emmett Brikowski is a simple lego figure - a hard worker. But despite the philistine lifestyle, he decides to join a team of protesting figures to confront the Lord Business and prevent him from sticking together the whole universe. In the game "Lego Movie: Escape", you will play Emmett. You will drive on a lego wheelbarrow and run away from the annoying Evil Cop. He will continually strive to destroy you, or at least interfere with your plans. But he won’t be able to stand across the road so easily. During the game, you need to avoid collisions with the Evil Cop, but at the same time you need to collect bonuses with which you can remove the same Cop from your path. Also, you need to collect lego bricks to replenish health reserves. But most importantly, do not forget to save your friends and associates. In subsequent levels, you can open access to the car of Batman and Savage Lucy. Have a good game!

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