Game Lego Game: Pony online


Game Lego Game: Pony online.

A girl lives in the famous city of Lego. She works as a jockey and at home she lives a cute horse - a pony. This baby loves carrots very much. Such attachment of the pony to the orange sweet vegetable makes it possible to train with pleasure, both for the pony and her mistress. After all, we all know that horses love not only carrots, but also apples, sugar and hay. But you must admit that carrots will be the most delicious treat for any animal. But back to our pony. She will be the main hero of our game. So, in the game "Lego: Pony", you will control the horse. The jockey girl will throw carrots from her home, and you will need to catch it. Once you catch ten sweet carrots, you win. But be careful, because the hostess can play a trick on you and sometimes will throw a hairbrush instead of the desired vegetable. Have a good game!

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