Game Lego Games Movie: Batman online


Game Lego Games Movie: Batman online.

Now, with your own eyes, you will see how the weekends and workdays of super hero Gotham - City Batman go. We are pleased to present you a series of games that will show you what super heroes do when they are not at war with the villains. Your first mission will be to prevent the Joker from escaping. This guy will try to escape from a local mental hospital in a bunch of balloons. You have to burst all the balls before the joker escapes. Then, you will find yourself in the role of Alfred, who will try himself in photography. For each photo of super heroes or their assistants, you will receive bonus points, but for the photo of villains, points will be removed from you. After such events, I want to relax and have a bite. And this means that we are going to the kitchen. There, you will prepare vitamin smoothies and bake lobsters. Well, in conclusion, Batman set off to ride a dolphin to burn the calories he ate in previous games. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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