Game Game Lego Marvel: Iron Man online


Game Game Lego Marvel: Iron Man online.

Tony Stark is a very talented inventor and a gifted mechanic. It would harm enough, but to all that, he is also a billionaire. This is how millions of people and fellow citizens see it, but that's not all. Tony Stark is none other than Iron Man himself - a super hero who hides his identity under iron armor with super strong golden red armor. This suit is equipped with the latest protective mechanisms and crammed to the brim with electronics. This makes it possible for Iron Man to soar into the sky, defend and injure enemies. In the game "Lego Marvel: Iron Man" you can clear the hometown of enemy invaders. You will fly over the city and try to destroy them as much as possible. The main thing is to do it until the enemies have done this to you. But another surprise awaits you. After each level, you will count the earned points. Thanks to them, you can open access to new, more powerful and stronger Iron Man costumes. Have a good game!

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