Game Lego Movie 2: The Great Riots online


Game Lego Movie 2: The Great Riots online.

In the game "Lego Movie 2: Big Riots", you will again meet with your favorite characters. After winning the Lord Business, Emmett and Lucy had a quiet and happy life. But it didn’t last long. Five years after the events of the first film, a terrible thing happened! The planet was attacked by space invaders Lego Duplo. They destroy everything in their path and leave behind only ruins. Emmett and Savage enlist the help of superheroes and go to save the planet. But they did not succeed in smashing the enemies to pieces. Enemies began to directly pursue our heroes. There are seven levels ahead of you, where you will escape from the droid Lego Duplo. At first, only Emmett Blokowski and his faithful companion Lucy, aka Savage, will take part in the escape. Later, Unicitti and the astronaut join them. You must help your friends hide from the bombing with hearts and stars. Also, make sure that the guys do not fall into the pits. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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