Game Game Lego Marvel: Spider-Man online


Game Game Lego Marvel: Spider-Man online.

Peter Parker is an ordinary guy. He is a student at a local college. He is brought up by an aunt and uncle, after Peter’s parents died in a car accident as a child. He grew up a quiet and modest boy, but very interesting incidents occurred to him. Once during a school trip, Peter bites an experimental spider. After this, Peter begins to notice abilities unusual for his body. Parker gains incredible strength, flexibility, endurance and his body begins to produce cobwebs. With her help, he can shoot it and cling to objects, flying from house to house or grabbing objects. Thus, Peter Parker becomes the legendary Spider-Man. In the game "Lego Marvel: Spider-Man" you will help the young hero. He wants to practice and bring his abilities to perfection. You will run without stopping, but at the same time, you need to avoid various obstacles. Jump, slide and fly on the web to various points of the city. Real Spider-Man can do it. Have a good game!

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