Game Game Lego Hollow online


Game Game Lego Hollow online.

You are waiting for the fabulous world of Lego Duplo. The main characters of the game will be a rabbit and a giraffe. They will be your guides through this fabulous town. An exciting kaleidoscope of games and entertainment awaits you. You can climb into the rabbit mink, where a giraffe reveres a fairy tale to you and puts the baby rabbit to sleep. But here you will have a surprise. You will become a direct participant in the tale and will perform various fun tasks. Also, you can fly in a balloon, become a seller of various sweets and sweets, and also place the kids from Lego Duplo as you like. But this is only the beginning. Walking around the colorful town, you can stumble upon a new colorful and interesting game. For example, you can meet three beautiful princesses. You can build beautiful castles for them and introduce charming girls to courageous princes. Here you can ride the tigers by train across the city. And if you suddenly see the mega racer Lightning McQueen, do not hesitate, you are still in the world of Lego Duplo, and you have a great opportunity to drive at a crazy speed through a colorful town. Have a nice trip!

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