Game Game Color Bus online


Game Game Color Bus online.

Have you ever seen a double-decker bus? Would you like to colorize it? So, in the game "Color Bus" in front of you will be a double-decker, London bus and you have to colorize it. To the left of the bus is a palette with paints of different colors. Your mouse cursor turns into a brush, with which you can apply paint to individual parts of the bus. It has as many as two floors, which means they can be painted in different colors, so that in general your bus looks bright and fun. First, paint the wheels, then the front grill, windows, bodywork and more. Colors must be chosen with taste, otherwise the bus will be incomprehensible and ugly. In addition to the bus itself, you can also choose the background color and even turn on the headlights of the bus, which gives it beauty and realism. Colorize and make the most beautiful bus of all that you have ever seen.

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