Game Game Heels and Wheels online


Game Game Heels and Wheels online.

Once, the girls decided to take a bus trip to have fun. Their fun company consists of different girls who love to travel with friends so much. In the game "Heels and Wheels" you will control the bus and your task will be to drive the bus carefully and smoothly. First you need to choose one of the girls who will be driving, and then proceed to the beginning of the trip. When the countdown is over, the bus will take off and you will only need to drive it, moving from one lane to another. Along the way, you need to pick up badges for a girl who also wants to ride your bus, as well as gold coins. The whole path is divided into parts. Having passed the first part of the road, you get time to drive on. Drive forward as fast as possible to catch the next breakpoint and get more time. There may be obstacles in the form of stones or puddles on the road, they must be circled, otherwise the bus will slow down. Try to drive as far as possible and collect as many girlfriends as possible. Good luck!

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