Game Game Bus of Last Hope online


Game Game Bus of Last Hope online.

One day, a terrible incident occurred in a laboratory for researching new super-soldiers. All experimental soldiers suddenly became brutalized and turned into zombies. After some time, they got out onto the streets of the city and attacked civilians in order to turn them into their own kind. Crowds of hungry and bloodthirsty zombies began to roam the city. A bunch of people who survived took refuge in their camp. Here they have their own bus, on which they make trips to the city. The purpose of their trips is to search for surviving people, their salvation and transportation to their camp. The bus saved a lot of people and continues its trips, for which it was called - the bus of last resort. Playing the game, it is you who control this bus and your task is to complete 20 missions to rescue survivors in this city. Every night you take to the streets of the city, find a place where live people hide, clear this area of u200bu200bzombies and pick people on board your bus. For a successful mission, you get money that you can spend on improving the bus, namely: buying armor, improving the engine, increasing the supply of the fuel tank, and more. You can also buy more soldiers who will sit inside the bus and shoot at attacking zombies. Complete all the missions and save all the survivors in your city. Good luck!

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