Game Game Zombie Bus online


Game Game Zombie Bus online.

Only today you will have the opportunity to play one very interesting game called "Zombie Bus". Here you will be in the role of a school bus driver who will drive through the streets and destroy all the zombies on his way. You need to be very careful and drive the bus responsibly, because besides you there are people on the bus who you need to protect from evil zombies. Your main goal is to take people out of the danger zone, where there are no zombies. Drive a bus through the city streets full of zombies, run into them and push them. With each new level you can pump your bus. First, buy him a machine gun on the roof, and then already armored windows, an improved bumper and the rest. Each level is fraught with a new task, then find new passengers, then kill the most important zombie and so on, so the game will not be boring. Try to complete all the tasks and bring the bus with the surviving people to a safe place. Good luck

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