Game Game Bus at the Airport 2 online


Game Game Bus at the Airport 2 online.

Do you want to become a bus driver at the airport? This is an interesting, but also very difficult job. The driver must drive a long bus that travels around the airfield, maneuver between huge planes, and also drive around company cars. In the game "Bus at Airport 2" you have to go through 8 levels, because only after that you can get a driver’s license. In each of the levels you need to take a bus to the passenger boarding point, and then take them to the plane. Drive the bus carefully and not very fast, because if you’re overclocked, you may encounter a standing airplane or other obstacle. Particular difficulty will have to experience when passing the last levels in which you will need to drive along a narrow, winding path in which cars and various objects can stand. Also, for the passage of each of the levels you are given a certain time. Do not be scared, because having a little practice, you can easily complete all the tests and become the best bus driver at the airport. You will get the opportunity to carry passengers to the plane every day, without much difficulty. Good luck!

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