Game Bus World online


Game Bus World online.

Welcome to the 3D world of bus parking. This game will take you to a new level of parking! You find yourself on a huge map, somewhere in the center of Paris. It is here that there is a huge bus parking, on which there are many different buses. You will find 24 unique levels, in each of which you need to drive a bus to the designated parking spot and park it. The game is quite complicated, because for completing each level you are given only three lives. You need to drive the bus carefully and at the same time pretty quickly, otherwise you won’t be able to get a lot of money and points. With a quality level passing, you can earn three stars and it's cool! Earned money can be spent in the store and buy one of the new buses. You can manage not only a simple bus, but also a school bus or even a two-tier bus. What to expect, start playing faster!

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