Game Game Extreme Bus Parking online


Game Game Extreme Bus Parking online.

Test your driving skills in the game "Extreme Bus Parking". Get behind the wheel of a large icarus and get ready for training. Bus parking is a very difficult task. It is not easy to cope with its dimensions. It requires special skills and a lot of practice. All this you will receive in this beautiful game, and after passing it, you will learn all the nuances and secrets of fast and safe parking. For this you have prepared thirty levels of varying difficulty. In some you will have to park in front, in others in the back. To understand when and how to do this, look at where the arrows are pointing in the parking area. When driving to a place, try to go around all the obstacles and not bump into them. After four collisions, you will be forced to start the trip again. With each new level, parking a bus will become increasingly difficult. But do not lose hope, continue to practice until everything works out for you. Show patience and perseverance to complete all tasks. Have a good game!

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