Game Game Off-Road Bus Simulator online


Game Game Off-Road Bus Simulator online.

In the game "Off-Road Bus Simulator" you have to drive a public transport and demonstrate your driving skills. Despite the outward simplicity and ease of driving a bus, everything is not so simple. To drive such a dimensional vehicle, you need to confidently feel the technique and be very careful. Today you will go on a suburban flight. You have to ride on a country road, which does not differ even coverage. The driver will have to steer along roads where there is no asphalt and deftly maneuver. At first, only one scheduled bus will be available to you. The rest will be closed, but after accumulating a certain amount you can buy a new vehicle. So, your task is to pick up passengers from the bus station and bring them to your destination. During the trip, monitor the fuel level. As soon as it starts to end you need to get to the nearest gas station and refuel the bus. With a full tank, you can continue the path following the arrow. During the trip, avoid collisions with cars and drive carefully to your destination. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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