Game Game City Bus Driver online


Game Game City Bus Driver online.

The City Bus Driver game is a great simulator where you will test your skills in driving large vehicles. You have to demonstrate your skills on the road by driving a passenger bus. Ahead of you are waiting for ten levels where you will be transporting people. In order for the bus to go you need to start the engine using the icon in the left corner. Then you can safely begin your trip. First you need to come to the bus stop, where passengers are already waiting. As soon as everyone takes their places, you can go to your destination. In the upper left corner there is a map where all the points that you need to visit are marked. On the road, you should be very careful and careful not to create a traffic jam or accident. Also, carefully follow the rules of the road and do not cut other vehicles. For each route traveled, you will receive a cash reward. Having accumulated a certain amount, you can purchase a new bus with improved performance. This game will be a great training for those who in the future see themselves driving a bus. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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