Game Game Learning to Drive a Bus online


Game Game Learning to Drive a Bus online.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure in a big city with many streets and tall buildings? This is where you will learn to drive a bus. The technique of driving a bus is slightly different from the technique of driving a car, because the bus is much larger and therefore more difficult to drive. So, the game will have two modes: free driving around the city and parking. First we need to try to drive a bus, for this, select the inscription "Free Drive". You drive a pink bus and can move in any direction. There are no cars on the roads, which means you can start training. Try to enter turns, turn around, reverse, and more. You can also change the camera view to drive a bus with a view from the cab or any other view. After training, you can try the parking mode. Here you will need to follow the arrow, which will show you the path to the parking place. Learning to drive a bus and park it - you will become an ace in this business!

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