Game Game Bus Driver Winter 2 online


Game Game Bus Driver Winter 2 online.

In the game "Bus Driver in Winter 2" your task will be to drive a large, long bus along the snowy streets of your city. Your bus carries people, which means it must travel along its route and stop at parking lots for passengers to board and drop off. The road is quite slippery, because in the courtyard it is winter and on the roadsides it is full of snow. You, as an experienced bus driver in the winter season, must provide all bus passengers with a safe ride to their destinations without any road adventures. Play the game and drive your bus carefully following the rules of the road in this city. Pass pedestrians and do not get off the road, otherwise your bus will slide in the snow and become uncontrollable. In total, you will find 20 different levels, by completing which, you will prove your ability to drive a bus in winter. Good luck

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