Game Game Park Bus 2 online


Game Game Park Bus 2 online.

In the game "Park Bus 2" you continue to manage different buses in the bus parking lot. The main task is to drive the bus to a specific place and park it in the parking lot, which is marked with investment markings. Bus parking is a very large area and sometimes some buses have a long way to park their bus in the right place. The game is divided into 8 levels and each next one will be much more difficult than the previous one. You must follow the arrows and drive your bus to the parking spot. Along the way, you can collect coins that will add points to your account, as well as become necessary for traveling through checkpoints. Move carefully and do not forget to follow the time timer, because if you do not invest in the allotted time, the level will have to start all over again. Also, do not forget about the possible meeting of explosive barrels and mines on your way. The technical condition of your bus should be good so that you can get to the parking place. Remember - a bus is a long car, so driving it is quite difficult. In difficult times, you can change the camera view to pass a narrow stretch of road or enter a sharp turn. Have a good game drivers!

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