Game Bus Simulator: Transporting People online


Game Bus Simulator: Transporting People online.

Life in a city without minibuses would be impossible. Just think how people would get to the places they need if they don’t have cars, and the distance that needs to be covered is tens of kilometers. Because the work of bus drivers is very much appreciated. Have you ever dreamed of driving a large passenger bus? Do you want to try transporting people? If so, then the game "Bus Simulator: Transportation of People" will help you feel all the charms and difficulties of working as a driver of a city bus. You find yourself in a big city where a lot of people use public transport. You have six shipping orders. Your task is to drive to the indicated stops and collect passengers. Most often there will be five in each level. The path will be indicated by an arrow above your bus. Keep an eye on her and go where she points. To pick up a passenger, park at a luminous spot and stop completely. As soon as the required number of passengers is collected, take them to the place marked on the map. Try not to run into your customers, otherwise the mission will fail. Each level has time for which it needs to be completed. If you do not have time to do this, you will have to start the trip again. When you complete all the tasks, go to the free mode of driving around the city. There are still many places worth visiting. Have a good game!

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