Game Transformers: Autobot Fortress online


Game Transformers: Autobot Fortress online.

Decepticons led by Megatron finally got to LG Autobot fortress. In the game "Transformers: Autobot Fortress" - you must defend the fortress and defeat the advancing Decepticons. First you need to install the Autobots, which will stand in the way of the enemy. The leader of your autobots is Optimus Prime, which will be available for installation in the last turn. At the beginning of the game you can use only four transformers. Each of them is bought for sparks received for killed Decepticons. Hold out for 50 waves of attacks and defend the fortress to the last. Buy more Autobots and install them around the perimeter of the track. For a certain number of sparks, you can pump the Autobots, adding damage, attack speed and more.

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