Game Transformers Escape Game online


Game Transformers Escape Game online.

In the distant future, there was a huge war of machines all over the earth, it destroyed all life and turned all robots into a pile of metal. Among the city ruins there were many parts of destroyed robots and only one of them managed to survive. He had the unique ability to split into two separate parts, head and legs. Playing this game is your task to help this transforming robot find the path to salvation. And so, you can control at once two halves of the transphoremar - the head, which walks on the hands and the lower part, which moves with the help of the legs. When the two two halves of the transformer are near, they can be combined into a single whole and control one transformer. His abilities will be better than the abilities of the individual parts. Each half is unique in its own way, you will need hands so that you can climb the ceiling, and with the help of your legs you can jump over long distances. In some cases, you will need to disconnect the transformer in order to pass narrow corridors or various obstacles. Arrange a real transformer escape. Play alone or together with a friend to control both parts of the transformer as best as possible. Good luck

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