Game Game Create Your Transformer online


Game Game Create Your Transformer online.

An exciting game called "Create Your Transformer." Here you can create a unique transformer to your taste. For fans of the movie "Transformers" the game will be very interesting, because thanks to the wide possibilities of the game you can create any character from this film here. Remember how the Autobots look and how the Decepticons look, you can build both Optimus Prime and any of the Autobots. The game is a kind of constructor and the most important thing in it is the correct selection of details. And so, first you need to pick up the parts of the body, namely the head, arms, chest and legs. Each detail must be selected very carefully, because there are a lot of them. Having picked up at least one thing correctly, you cannot create such a transformer as you would like. If you find it difficult to select individual parts, you can simply click the "Random" button and the game will automatically pick you a transformer. When the creation of the transformer is completed, it needs to be painted, because the beginning is from black and white. For coloring, you have the opportunity to choose any color or a separate texture. Color all the parts of the transformer separately and most importantly so that you like it. At the end of the game, you can come up with a name for your transformer and enter it in the corresponding field at the top. For this your transformer is completely ready, now you can admire it as much as you like. It can also be printed on a printer or you can start to start the game again. Good luck

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