Game Transformers: Protecting Terrorcon online


Game Transformers: Protecting Terrorcon online.

Once, the Decepticons discovered the huge loops of the energy near the main base of the Autobots. Now they will try to steal all the energy and take it out of the planet. You play the Bumblebee Autobot, which must place cannons and defenses on the path of the Decepticons in order to protect the Terrorcon. In further levels, you will additionally receive such transformers as Optimus Prime and Arsi. The more enemies you destroy, the more money you earn. Spend them to buy new defensive weapons and improve old ones. Your transformers can fight both in the form of robots and in the form of machines, which gives a wide choice of creating good defense against the enemy. Go through missions and strengthen your bases as best as possible, do not let the Decepticons destroy the Terrorcon.

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