Game Transformers 3: The Battle of Cybertron online


Game Transformers 3: The Battle of Cybertron online.

Transformers 3: Battle for Cybertron game is a great shooter. Here you control an autobot named Bumblebee who went to the planet Cybertron to deal with his enemies. You must help the transformer stop the race of Decepticons who are trying to destroy the entire planet. As you know, Cybertron is a planet in a distant galaxy on which all transformers used to live. Over time, they divided into two races: Autobots and Decepticons. Now they are fighting among themselves, and you need to speak on the side of the Autobots, because they are on the side of good. Control Bumblebee, he must fly through the territory of Cybertron and destroy various enemy cannons, laser installations, flying ships and other equipment. The Decepticons will send more and more of their equipment to you, so it will be difficult for Bumblebee to survive. Try to fly as far as possible, shoot everything that will be in front of you and dodge attacks. Collect all bonuses to improve your weapons, then you can easily shoot all the threats in your path and will certainly win the battle for Cybertron. Good luck

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