Game Game Transformers Capture Cuba online


Game Game Transformers Capture Cuba online.

An enemy artifact was discovered in a secret laboratory, which has the shape of a cube called an allspark or spark. This item, by all means, should not fall into the hands of the Decepticons. In the middle of the cube is uncontrolled energy that can destroy the entire planet. Your task is to return the cube to a safe place, until crazy people have done trouble and released energy out. You control a transformer, which should penetrate the base unnoticed, thanks to the ability to hide well and transform into a machine with water. The main task is to capture the cube. The further you advance along the building, the more dangers await you. A lot of people walk around the laboratory, from security guards and scientists to special agents. Each of them can notice you at any moment, so you should be extremely careful. If you are noticed more than three times, they will raise an alarm and hide the cube forever. Move from room to room while people turn their backs and be prepared to suddenly become a machine with water. Earn more points for your stealth skill. If a guard buys water from your machine, you will immediately receive one thousand points.

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