Game Game Transformers Lego online


Game Game Transformers Lego online.

In the game "Transformers Lego" you will need to help the little assistant transformer to collect parts of his friends. Once, all the famous Creo transformers came under mortar fire from the Decepticons, who were attacking from orbit. Unfortunately, they managed to destroy the Autobots to smithereens. The only survivor was a small transformer of Lego, which did not suffer just because it is small. Your task is to help this transformer rescuer collect parts of large transformers so that they can be repaired and restored. The task of the small robot is very difficult, because it will be tedious to collect parts of five powerful transformers, namely: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Praul and Ratchet. Each of these transformers consists of certain parts, such as arms, legs, parts of the body and head. You must control the assistant and collect all the details that fall from the sky. You should be very careful, because along with the wreckage of transformers fireballs and even meteorites fly to you. Each hit under fire does considerable damage to you. Try to collect bonus first-aid kits and shields that activate the protective field around the robot for a while. Restore all the Transformers legos in turn and show everyone what a small assistant robot is capable of!

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